Autumn Passed Through

by Kavya Sridhar

Autumn carries a bit of my soul within her

From the lazy way she flicks her hand

To create biting winds

Some cruel,

Some soft

From the delicate way in which she kisses the Earth

To change the perception of nature’s Flora 

All warm colors

And dried up bark

Raining leaves drifting overhead

From the way she instills comfort

To the little girl with the raincoat, 

Catching drops on her tongue

Or the old man in a vest,

Holding her hand through it all 

Autumn passes through

With an air of finality

An interlude between cold and heat

A bitter solitude of perfect stillness

And that is why I say

Autumn carries a bit of my soul within her

Not too much, not too little

For even when people crave extremes

While people yearn for the most they can get

I am content with the simplicity of it all

The glorious in between area where all creatures start off 

And where they all inevitably face their demise

Humans want the sun, the tangible feel of pure heat on their fingertips

Or the blessed frost, the moon shining down fiercely on haloed heads

They covet the highest levels of devotion

To be burnt or frozen to death in the name of another

Pure passion coursing through them regardless of the pain they feel throughout

I, on the other hand, am content with the promise of Fall

A promise of safety and security

That no other season provides

Autumn passed through

And took a bit of my soul with her