Teacher Interview With Mrs. McGowan

 by Annika Raj

The week right before winter break was a time full of anticipation and excitement. After October concluded, Mrs. Leanza had left the school leaving various teachers filling interim positions. However, during the week prior to the holidays, a new teacher joined the Biotech faculty: Mrs. McGowan. She teaches English One, Theory of Knowledge, and Film and Media Studies. 

Even though Mrs. McGowan has recently joined the BTHS community, this is not her first experience teaching. She had originally received a biology degree in college and was presented with the unique opportunity of being able to educate children in Romania after traveling with a friend. Upon returning, she had discovered a new passion for teaching and attended graduate school with that in mind. Mrs. McGowan has also taught in Poland and Japan,  and she “thought it would be more effective to teach there, as [she] didn’t speak the language (she speaks Romanian)  so they were able to better learn English.” She has taught English & biology in New York, and continues to teach English in  New Jersey BioTech & Rutgers!  She also spends her summer in Switzerland at an IB school teaching photography and creative writing. 

Mrs. McGowan has felt that her transition into Biotech and the community here was extremely smooth. The faculty, administration, and students have all been very accommodating and friendly when assisting her into her new position. She feels that “she has been here for a very long time.” She is really enjoying her time here at Biotech and each class of hers is different. She’s taking the time to work with her classes on the curriculum and their discussions are incredibly enriching and meaningful. She feels that students' creativity and ambition is unparalleled and enjoyable! If she had to offer one piece of advice to the students, it would be to “keep asking questions” and think outside of the box in every aspect of life.