GLSEN Day of Silence 2023

 by Aleicia Zhu

Sample GLSEN Day of Silence stickers. Source: GLSEN.

    In the face of continued threats against LGBTQ+ rights, the Day of Silence is a show of unity. Taking place, April 14th, 2023, GLSEN Day of Silence is a national demonstration in which students take a vow of silence to protest discrimination and demonstrate how thousands of LGBTQ+ students feel everyday — silenced. The theme, Day of (No) Silence: Rising Up. reminds us that it is imperative to speak up to defend LGBTQ+ rights. 

    In recognition, Biotechnology High School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance will be handing out stickers and cards in the front lobby Friday morning, April 21st. Students can express that they wish to participate in GLSEN Day of Silence and vocalize why they are taking the vow. Alternatively, students can simply wear a rainbow sticker to show their support. 

No matter the day, we can use our voices to defend our rights. To learn more about GLSEN Day of Silence, please visit GLSEN’s website here.


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